Sweet In Defeat: Sha Tin (M83)

Clint Hutchison

Hutchi's Honkers Principal Analyst


Sha Tin had a turf track presented in GOOD condition initially before being upgraded to GOOD TO FIRM following race 2, applied retrospectively. The running rail set in the “C” position.

The races on the AWT (dirt) track were run on a surface rated WET SLOW initially before being upgraded to GOOD before 6.


RACE 1: C5 - 1200m
Course: AWT     Going: WET SLOW

An all-weather Class 5 with some pretty limited stock competing. That said, the race rated okay for the grade and although the winner Yee Cheong Lucky received an 11-point penalty for the win, he could win again in this grade early next season on this surface. It was clearly his best performance all season.

RACE 2: C5 - 1400m
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

The first half of this event was run fast and from that perspective, Kelmimi Wins fought to the line quite well all things considered. Yes We Can is the one to follow early next season though, he sustained a solid final-600m (35.56) and has only had 8 career starts. He can win early next season. 

RACE 3: C4 - 1400M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The tempo was genuine during this race, in fact they ran quite a fast second sectional. The winner, Leading Fortune was too good and Triple Triple peaked on his run. One that might fly under the radar a little out of this race is Seaweed Fortune (SID). He has only had two starts and in both events he has closed well. Smart Wongchoy led and fought on pretty well.

RACE 4: C4 - 1800M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace was even at best here and this race did not rate well at all, in fact more like a Class 5. That said Circuit Number One has run well on his last couple of starts and might pinch one early next season but he is limited. I am not sure what to do with Eptiwins, he clearly peaked on his run. Perhaps he is better suited a over shorter distance. 

RACE 5: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace picked up from the 800m but this race didn’t rate very well at all and I’m not convinced about the form. That said, Sparkling Star had a final-400m (22.42) that was clearly a race-best and is one to keep safe early next season given he only had 6 starts in his rookie season. 

RACE 6: C4 - 1200M
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

Thou Shall Sing continues to impress on this surface but he defeated the usual suspects. He might be able to handle a class rise on the all-weather but his performances have suggested he is galloper of around the middle of Class 3 ability. Resolute should be able to pick one up in Class 4 when he next competes in this grade, on this surface.

RACE 7: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace was fast in this event and the race rated very well indeed. Excellent Proposal was excellent given this was his Hong Kong debut. He is one of the better ones to follow going forward given that, off a fast pace, he produced the 12th-best final-200m (11.53) at the meeting. I would trust the form. 

RACE 8: C2 - 1800M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace was genuine and this race rated quite well. Columbus County finally got his head in front and he sustained and posted the best final-400m, quite clearly. He is the only horse that appears to have significant upside out of this race.

RACE 9: C3 - 1600M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace was slow and it developed into a sprint home, so fair play to the winner Precise Express who came from last to win. He might have more to offer but I’d need to see him in a quicker-run race as this event rated more like a weak Class 4. 

RACE 10: C3 - 1000M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

There is little doubt that Winning Dreamer is pretty special. Based on his two wins thus far, he is headed for at the very least the top of class 2 (80+ in the official ratings). Keep You Warm might be one to keep an eye on next season given the manner in which he closed off on the wrong part of the track.

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Yes We Can

  • Seaweed Fortune

  • Excellent Proposal

  • Winning Dreamer

  • Keep You Warm