Sweet In Defeat: Sha Tin (M69)

Clint Hutchison

Hutchi's Honkers Principal Analyst


Sha Tin had a turf track presented in GOOD TO FIRM condition with the running rail set in the “C” position.

The races on the AWT (dirt) track were run on a surface rated GOOD.

RACE 1: C4 - 1200m
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The track was fast and this race didn’t rate as well it might have first appeared to have. Hin Yuen Swiftness attained a nice lead and an easy first sectional made all the difference. Xponential had his chance but the winner was too good. I also found it interesting Breeze Of Spring led without committing to the rail, which didn’t help his cause. It was only the second career run of Super Mission and he clearly has a future, a similar effort should see him win in the short term. 

RACE 2: C3 - 1650m
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

On to the all-weather with a small field competing and this race rated just barely average. Handsome Bo Bo hampered a couple of runners in the field and couldn’t be controlled by his rider (apprentice Victor Wong). It was very dangerous and actually could have easily caused a fall. In any case, it changed the make-up of the race and I’m not sure how much to take out of it. 

RACE 3: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

Note: Iluvataar – returned with substantial blood in trachea. We made Iluvataar a main play and I’m happy to forgive him this one, but obviously that is a post race issue which isn’t ideal going forward. This race didn’t rate well at all, which was expected and why we liked the debutant in the first instance and the market support wasn’t a surprise! Armor Star is one to keep an eye on. He was making his debut and coudn’t keep up early, but was held up in the straight when full of running and over a touch further he might be one to follow. 

RACE 4: C5 - 1600M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

This was the worst race on the card, which is fair enough given it was a Class 5. Humble Steed is going quite well at present but will find it harder up in grade. The Joy Of Giving can never keep up early but he did sustain a long run that contained merit… Again.

RACE 5: C4 - 1800M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace was fast and it set up for those midfield and further back. From that perspective, McMunigal was very good given he was close to the pace and I will be happy to follow him again. Gorgeous Inheritor was a play and sat wide, with no cover through out and on that pace just couldn’t be a factor, but he was still too bad to be true. Natural Storm clearly has some potential and he might find a race in the short term, given he is only lightly-raced. Perfect To Play had every favour.

RACE 6: C4 - 1650M
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

Back to the all-weather here and the usual suspects lined up. The runner that I thought performed well was Smiling City. He did plenty of work in the early stages of the race and was brave. it’s hard to know where our play Jade Fortune would have finished as Moreira copped a suspension for the interefernce at the 200m on This One’s For You, and while that was justified, I am not convinced Jade Fortune was going that well anyway. 

RACE 7: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace was slow and they gradually built it up, making it a sprint home. Wind N Grass gets back in the SID file. The wide gate meant negative tactics and he couldn’t win from back there, especially conceding that much ground. In fact, he was set a ridiculous task. HIs final-400m (21.70) was the best of the day. He’s ready to win. Relentless Me was well handled to score for new apprentice Jerry Chau.

RACE 8: C2 - 1000M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

When they are running almost 55 seconds flat the race is going to rate well and that was the case here… but as we know, some caution is always needed with these 1000m races. They seem to throw up some speed figures you simply know are too high. Anyway, Hong Kong Win continues to race well. I’m not sure we learnt anything about the rest, which are well exposed. Stronger returned to something like his best form.

RACE 9: C1 - 1400M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

This was the best turf race around the bend and it was a solid win by Buddies, who took a sit and did it well. Beauty Legacy (SID) ran into a dead end but closed well all things considered and he might be one to follow. Ballistic King was three-wide with no cover through out and the run rated 6-lengths worse than his previous effort, so he definitely dipped after a peak but with genuine excuses. Overall, I will trust the form as it rated well enough.

RACE 10: C3 - 1400M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD TO FIRM

The pace was pretty slow here but picked up from the 800m which meant those near the lead were vulnerable late. All that said, this was a big win to Assimilate who had to sustain a very long run. His closing splits were awesome. Kyrus Unicorn was closing well when he ran out of room and was sound. Star Of Yuen Long will be interesting in a race that is devoid of pace. 

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Armor Star

  • McMunigal

  • Wind N Grass

  • Beauty Legacy