Sweet In Defeat: Sha Tin (M68)


Sha Tin had a turf track presented in GOOD condition with the running rail set in the “B” position.

The track played around standard, but a real rail bias was in play. Apart from the straight 1000m races, from the 600m, winners came from 0 to 4.9 lengths from the leader, 1st through 8th position in running, 1-3 wide and in lanes 1-9 in the home straight. However, it is worth noting, 6 of 11 winners were within 2 lengths of the leader, 8 of 11 winners were in the first-five running positions and the winners of 7 of 9 races around the bend travelled on the rail. Up an in was the place to be, without a doubt to me.

RACE 1: GRIFFIN - 1000m
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

Neither Griffin race this term produced a very good number and this event was a touch inferior to the first event. Cordyceps Six improved significantly on his debut effort to win this, and Turbo Power showed none, or the weight and fact he might want further could be factors. Anyway, there are no stars in this lot as things stand.

RACE 2: C4 - 1000m
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

NOTE: Fourawarrior displayed an irregualar heart rhythm. It was a very nice debut by Ka Ying Spirit and the 5-point penalty for his win is very fair, and he can score again in this grade. Overall, the race rated pretty well. August Moon has shown nothing to date but was good here and can be followed, while the runner-up Corrienthes makes the SID file and providing he holds this form, should be winning in the short term. The form should work out well-enough out of this event.

RACE 3: C5 - 2000M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

It was a pretty good rating performance by McMunigal to win this and apart from the shock of that, the odds of $21 was the other surprise given his form leading in (could’ve been much longer)! Four of the first-five home travelled on the rail, with The Joy Of Giving (SID) being the exception. His final-400m (22.90) was solid and he is the one I want to take from the race.

RACE 4: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

Jade Phoenix found the front and the rail, which made all the difference. Rhapsody hit the lead half-way up the straight, and while he isn’t overly strong, neither is the winner and the track pattern (rails bias), for mine, was clearly a factor. I didn’t mind the run of Team Goodluck, who was on the rail in the running, but rallied out wide and he might be worth a closer look next time.

RACE 5: C4 - 1600M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

Ultra Express was slowly away again but being drawn low, finding the rail and improving his position mid-race was the difference for him. This win rated well, and he can win again, but his barrier manners are a major concern. Robot Warrior (SID) delivered some sort of run! he sat three-wide the trip, was hard at work under the whip from the 600m, and he kept coming. He looks one to follow next time!

RACE 6: C4 - 1400M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

The pace was strong here and with so many runners working early it set the race up for those that sat midfield or worse. Love Me More found the fence and with the pace on, had the best run. Still, the race rated well enough and he might be one to consider next time. Super Red Dragon is very consistent and ran to his mark once again.

RACE 7: Group 3 - 2400M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

The pace was very slow and this race didn’t rate well. The speed only really picked up from the 1000m mark. Charity Fun did the right thing in rolling forward but with the pattern against, he was probably vulnerable late and so it proved. There are not too many 2400m races in Hong Kong (three a year) and given the sedate pace here, it’s hard to take much from it.

RACE 8: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

NOTE: Hurry Hurry Gain’s jockey (Purton) reported that he coughed pre-race, following a scope he returned with mucus. The pace was good and The Hulk found the rail and stayed on it to win, posting the 3rd-best final-400m (22.52) at the meeting. It was just a terrible ride on Sky Show, sitting three-wide with no cover on a horse that could arguably have led. It was obviously a forgive with Hurry Hurry Gain, who had some issues, pre-race, and the punters who backed him can feel pretty unhappy about the whole situation.

RACE 9: C3 - 1800M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

Looking Great lived up to his name and was one of the few horses on the day to defy the “up and in” pattern. He is good. Most of the better runs came from horses that had all favours, including God Of Dragon, who hit the line very well indeed. However, a lot these will take their turn but I think Looking Great can continue his rise.

RACE 10: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

This was not a very nice watch, but it was a nice ride from Badel on Decisive Twelve to kick up enough to hold out Trillion Win who should have won. He settled off the rail and rallied on the inferior part of the track, but thems the breaks I suppose. If he leads, he more than likely wins. He isn’t one of my horses Tornado Twist (SID) but he settled off the fence, produced the 7th-best final-400m (22.69) at the meeting and he is close to a win.

RACE 11: C3 - 1400M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

NOTE: All For South returned with blood in the trachea. It was a sound win by Fantastic Treasure, but he had all favours and proved too strong, with the race overall rating okay. He was off his peak number under top weight, but being up in grade with a lighter weight next time may well see him produce an even better number. Win Win was resuming, sat three-wide and ran on well. He will strip fitter and be one to keep safe.

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Corrienthes

  • The Joy Of Giving

  • Robot Warrior

  • Tornado Twist