Sweet In Defeat: Sha Tin (M27)


Sha Tin had a turf track presented in GOOD condition with the running rail set in the “C+3” or outermost position.

The turf track played on standard, and the pattern suited those on-pace. All three winners were within 1.5 lengths of the leader at 600m, 1-3w, and lanes 1-7 in the straight. Back to the inside and on-pace, seemed a better position to be.

The races on the AWT (dirt) track were run on a surface rated GOOD.

The all-weather track played on standard, winners came from 0-5.1 lengths from the leader, 1st through 8th in the run, 1-7 wide and lanes 1-17 in the straight. One winner was on the rail, but I think that the rail was not as good in the straight as other parts of the track.


RACE 1: C4 - 1800m
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

The pace was even, after a decent first sectional or two. It was a nice win by Crown Avenue who was wide throughout, but that wasn’t much disadvantage on the day. Double Take hit the line well and isn’t far from another win. Overall, it was a pretty average contest for the grade. 

RACE 2: C5 - 1200m
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

The pace was decent and it was some win by Treasure Chest. He was on a 4-day back-up and was also back in distance from 1800m to 1200m! I couldn’t find him…..and what a win it was after getting as much pressure as he did. He clearly likes this dirt surface and I would be happy to follow him again, given no other runner on the day on this surface led and won, in his lanes. He remains in the grade and can win again.

RACE 3: C4 - 1200M
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

It was a good win by Golfman Star who was prominent throughout. Happy Tango had to work early and there was merit in his performance and he might be worth following on this surface. The form should work out okay, in particular for the first couple past the post. 

RACE 4: C5 - 1650M
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

It was a solid win by Turf Brilliant and whilst he enjoyed a good run through the race, he was strong at the finish. For a Class 5, this race rated very well indeed and I expect the form to stack up strongly out of it. Proud Sky hit the line nicely and looks close to a win now but overall, I’m happy to follow the form out of this one.

RACE 5: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "C+3"     Going: GOOD

A very low rating race here, with a slow final-400m and perhaps wind was a factor? Perhaps none of the leading chances found the better part of the track? I’m happy to take the win by Excellent Chariot all the same. His previous win rated much better and up in grade, I still expect that he will be competitive. Soaring Tower can be followed, while Vigor Champ is also building towards a win.

RACE 6: C3 - 1400M
Course: TURF "C+3"     Going: GOOD

The pace was quite strong and Ka Ying Excellent had the pattern onside, so the strong tempo didn’t have its normal impact. Happy Qiji closed with a race-best final-400m (23.04) and hinted that he might be one worth following going forward. E Star continues to race in good order but the weight might have anchored him a touch this time.

RACE 7: C4 - 1400M
Course: TURF "C+3"     Going: GOOD

Normally they can’t do this much in the lead and still win, so My Sugar was impressive with the step up to 1400m, but I am a little weary given the pattern on the day. Cheerful Days had obvious excuses but might need more time to strengthen up. Sun Of Makfi and Brave Power had the pattern against them and on a more even track, they can win. Furthermore, each will drop a class with one more run and can be followed down in grade for sure.

RACE 8: C3 - 1000M
Course: TURF "C+3"     Going: GOOD

It was a very good win by Ping Hai Bravo who clearly likes the straight! His closing sectionals were exceptional. I think the far side might have been a better spot and from that perspective, Valiant Dream (SID) was one that defied the pattern. I would like to follow him down the straight preferably. The jury is out on Joyful Fortune and the horse’s owner has already lost patience with a stable change to Tony Cruz. 

RACE 9: C3 - 1650M
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

The pace was quite solid through the first half of the race and it set up nicely for those midfield or worse in the run. Turin Redstar won nicely, but the run of Ping Hai Treasure, back to the inside and close to the pace was solid. He makes the SID file. Bright Kid hit the line strongly from back in the field and he clearly handles this surface.

RACE 10: C2 - 1200M
Course: AWT     Going: GOOD

The best win of the day came here by Amazing Chocolate and the race rated well overall. Red Desert (SID) fought bravely and would have been beter suited being more aggressively ridden. He is close to a win. Will Power was good, while Lobo’s Legend can be follwed going forward as his recent form is sound.

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Valiant Dream

  • Ping Hai Treasure

  • Red Desert