Sweet In Defeat

Happy Valley (M62) – Wednesday, 10 April 2019

By Hutchi


Happy Valley had a track presented in GOOD condition with the running rail in the “A” position.


RACE 1: C5 - 1000m
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

A reasonably steady tempo was set here and being a Class 5 this race rated about where it should. Great Son led from start to finish and there wasn’t much else to note. Show Mission produced a strong finish off that tempo but overall it just looks an average race.

RACE 2: C4 - 1200m
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

Once again, for the grade (Class 4) this race rated about where it should. Little Wise Man has been knocking on the door for a win and was tremendous again and should he draw a decent gate in the imminent future, then he is going to be hard to beat. Super Model isn’t far off a drop in grade and he should be too good for Class 5. Precious Sweetie won well-enough. 

RACE 3: C4 - 1650M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This race rated pretty well for the grade and I expect that the form will stack up well. True Grit won well given he was resuming and can be followed again. Considering the slow pace set during the first half of the race before it picked up from the 800m mark, there was plenty of merit to the run of Acclaimed Light. 

RACE 4: C3 - 1000M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

Dream Come True made every post a winner and it was a solid enough effort, although once again he clearly peaked on his run inside the final-100m. Overall the race rated okay, with Fairy Twins and Mega Heart hitting the line well. The problem for them is their racing pattern doesn’t suit the course and distance.

RACE 5: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

A slow first section and fast final section meant those on pace were suited with the first three on the turn the first three home. I am not sure why Super Euro Star handed up a good position but it meant Natural Flare was a spot further back than he should have been, and he hit the line well (11.20 race-best final-200m). Overall, the race rated pretty well and the form should be solid enough.

RACE 6: C4 - 1800M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

They simply went too hard in this event and overall the race rated well. However, Salto Olimpico was well ahead of standard time and did a good job to hang on to a minor spot. He makes the SID file and he might even be better suited to a touch further as he just lacks a turn of foot. 

RACE 7: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

The pace picked up from the 800m and once again, a leader (Speed Vision) was a winner. Those on pace were suited, but Infinity Endeavour closed well against the trend and he is on the brink of a drop in grade. Mega Red is close to a win, especially when he gets the drop in class.

RACE 8: C3 - 1650M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This race rated okay. The winner Big Bang Bong had the run of the race and they went quickly enough to ensure the backmarkers could get in to it. Most seem on their mark and I’m not sure how strong the form will be out of this one.

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Salto Olimpico