Sweet In Defeat

Happy Valley (M42) – Wednesday, 30 January 2019


By Hutchi


Happy Valley had a track presented in GOOD condition with the running rail at the true “A” position.


RACE 1: C5 - 1200m
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

The pace was relatively slow and it was better to be close to the speed. Sunny Orient (SID) wasn’t suited as a consequence but ran on strongly and posted the ninth-best final-400m (22.93) at the meeting. He has been holding his form well and should pick up a race in this grade in the short term.

RACE 2: C4 - 1200m
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This didn’t look a strong race on paper and I’m not sure how strong it will work out moving forward. Exceptional Desire had the run of the race and got the win but I’m not sure he can go on with it. Chaparral Star closed strongly and the shorter distances might be an option for him, while Jolly Bountiful was found to be lame the next day so had clear excuses.

RACE 3: C4 - 1650M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

A very slow tempo was set here and it was a messy race with a real slackening of tempo from the 1200m to the 800m. All that said, the winner Charity Wings was good considering others had first run on him and he still reeled them in. A tricky race to read too much in to however. 

RACE 4: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This race rated very well for this grade and the winner, Champion’s Way is clearly a galloper to stick with. He tracked a good tempo and hit the line with a race-best final-200m (11.52), which was also the best at the enitre meeting. He is eligible to remain in this grade and will be winning his share of races. I dont think he beat much, but he was impressive in doing what he did.

RACE 5: C3 - 1650M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

A very strong tempo was set early-on here and it was far too strong overall for those that sat close to the speed. The overall the figures from this event were very high for a Happy Valley race as a result. We made Smart Leader a play and he was reported to have ‘abnormal breathing’, which isn’t a surprise given how hard he went. Lucky Girl was good considering he was close enough to that hot tempo, so back at Happy Valley on easier speed, he can run well. 

RACE 6: C2 - 1800M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This was run at an absolute dawdle and then sprint home. Not much was learned from this event as a consequence and I can’t really say any more, as the figures would barely win a normal Class 4.

RACE 7: C3 - 1000M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This race rated well and it was a great run in defeat from Noble Delight (SID). He was taken back from the wide alley, but ran-on superbly clocking some of the better closing sections at the meeting. He will be able to win in this grade over a sprint trip. Amazing Chocolate is showing some signs of being close to a win as well, but one might need to see him again to be sure.

RACE 8: C2 - 1200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

For the class they ran even sectionals and it was a little surprising that they didn’t come home the final sectional quicker, but that said, the race rated quite well given how the track played on the night. Super Hoppy was clearly a great effort. Given he was back and wide he ran on well. Based on this effort, Country Star will be competitive against better opposition with a light weight, but it all depends where Size decides to run him. Happy Valley options will be off the table to a large extent. 

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Sunny Orient

  • Noble Delight