Sweet In Defeat

Happy Valley (M38) – Wednesday, 16 January 2019

By Hutchi


Happy Valley had a track presented in GOOD condition with the running rail set at the “B” position.

RACE 1: C4 - 2200m
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

This event was run in a dawdle before a sprint home. The overall race actually rated okay, but evidence of just how slow they went was Happy Rocky posting the third-best final-200m (11.32) at the meeting. The winner has enjoyed a very good season but Happy Rocky is probably the one that looks close to a win.

RACE 2: C5 - 1000m
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

It’s worth noting that both Nashashuk and Trendiful were scoped post race and had ‘blood in the trachea’. The steady tempo should have suited those on pace, so it was a decent enough win to Show Mission who came from off midfield. It might also highlight those settling handy are pretty ordinary. Great Son settled back and ran on well, but this race didn’t rate well so I have some serious reservations.

RACE 3: C4 - 1650M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

After a slow first section, the pace ramped up in the middle stages and this race rated well. Curling Luxury was very good considering he led on that tempo. Tai Smart might appreciate even further but ultimately, he is still yet to win a race in HK so some caution is required. 

RACE 4: C4 - 1650M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

This was a race of two halves, fast firstly and then slower the final half mile. Overall, the race rated pretty well. I’m not sure about the ride on Letsgofree in conceding so much ground through the early stages, but it had merit. Most of the field are quite well exposed and I’m not sure there is much to take out of the race.

RACE 5: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

They ran just on standard through the first couple of sections and they came home slowly too, so this race didn’t rate well. Jolly Bountiful should have won but for being taken wide but he returned similar figures to his previous outing. Both Dragon Dance and Super Euro Star returned with ‘blood in the trachea’. All the same, I’m not convinced the form will stack up that well out of this event with the possible exception of Jolly Bountiful.

RACE 6: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

A very quick first sectional was here with the pace being solid enough and it set up nicely for those settling in midfield. Both Gamechangers and Waldorf (three-wide with no cover throughout) ran well, while it was a much better effort from Handsome Rebel on his third Hong Kong start. He might take another run or two, but he also might be one to keep safe if he steps up in distance in the short term.

RACE 7: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

Overall, this race rated about standard for the grade. The pace was very fast through the first-800m but 2.75 lengths covered 11 of the 12 runners at the finish. That is a concern for most, but Gallant Return (SID) posted the second-best final-400m (22.78) off a solid speed and it was the run of the meeting. Poon just feel asleep at the wheel in the early stages, giving him an impossible task. He ran extremely well and can win next time. (Note: The Stewards nearly found Poon in breach of a serious rule of racing……enough said).

RACE 8: C3 - 1650M
Course: TURF "B"     Going: GOOD

A very fast tempo was set early here and it couldn’t be sustained. Both Starlit Knight and Green Luck were good considering that. Dragon Warrior had the race run to suit but didn’t improve in to the race when he needed to. Warm The Voice’s win was almost map related given the tempo more than anything, although this race did obviously rate well and I think the form as a whole can be trusted.

Sweet In Defeat "Black Booker"

  • Gallant Return