Sweet In Defeat

Happy Valley (M28) – Wednesday, 12 December  2018

By Hutchi


Happy Valley had a track presented in GOOD condition with the running rail set at the “C” position.


RACE 1: C5 - 1650m
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

This race rated okay for an event of this class, with reasonably sustained pace through out. Come On Wongchoy was good again after duelling in the lead and is close to a win. Dashing Dart was very unlucky when he couldn’t be fully tested and makes the SID file. 

RACE 2: C4 - 1200m
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

Once again, a good tempo was set and the eventual winner Waldorf posted the ninth-best final-200m (11.28) at the meeting. He deserved the win and it rated better than one section of the C3 1200m on the same card so he can be competitive when he takes a rise in grade. The market indicated a better run for Spring Win, which eventuated but by the same token there weren’t any excuses.

RACE 3: C5 - 1650M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

A good tempo was set once again but it’s hard to find those that figured judging merely by their SP. It was clearly a better run from Fortune Patrol who posted a career-best and he might be one to take from the race, but am not sure this race will be one to rely on.

RACE 4: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

Clearly the worst rating race of the card. There were steady early sectionals set which allowed Applause to settle closer and it made the task for Khaki (SID) almost impossible. He still posted the second-best final-200m (11.11) on the card. He probably just needs to draw a favourable draw. Flying Force was badly checked and had clear excuses. 

RACE 5: C4 - 1800M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

The pace was relatively quick mid-race and it set up nicely for the swoopers. Dynamic Eagle wasn’t given a good ride and just went too hard but then again he might not be easy ride. The winner is flying and not surprsingly this was the best rating race on the card. I would give Dynamic Eagle another chance as he simply went too hard. 

RACE 6: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

They went slowly in front and it suited Speed Vision who led from barrier to post. The Stewards report made for interesting reading with the other pace influence Viva Council ridden contrary to his race pattern. This paved the way nicely for the winner. Buoyant Boy posted the third-best final-200m (11.19) of the meeting but ultimately the leader had too soft a run. Fearless Fire was also at a disadvanatge and was sound in defeat (third). 

RACE 7: C3 - 1000M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

Once again, a well-rated ride on the lead and Telecom Brothers had a picnic in front to lead all the way. Consdiering the race didn’t rate that well, I am not sure how strong the form will be, but the runner-up California Archer was heavily backed and seems close to a win.

RACE 8: C3 - 1650M
Course: TURF "C"     Going: GOOD

The pace was slow for the first half and My Ally seemingly had every chance on-pace. There were clear excuses for Sky Melody who couldn’t be fully tested. The win from Dances With Dragon was very good and he actually posted the fastest final-200m (11.09) of the meeting. The slow pace allowed him to be within reach, but it was still a creditable individual effort, while as a collective, the race rated okay.

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Dashing Dart

  • Khaki

  • Dynamic Eagle