Sweet In Defeat

Happy Valley (M24) – Wednesday, 28 November 2018

By Hutchi


Happy Valley had a track presented in GOOD condition with the running rail in the true “A” position.


RACE 1: C5 - 1200m
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

The overall race didn’t rate anything special and the final-400m after a solid first two sections was slow. Most of these are well-exposed and eight of the 12 runners finished within 1.5 lengths of the winner. I’m not going to trust the form out of this race but a lot will line up against each other soon. Of the beaten brigade Manful Star was okay after being held up a touch.

RACE 2: C5 - 1650m
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

The first 800m of this event was run quickly and most of the field were empty late in the race. Overall, the race just rated fairly. Come On Wongchoy was brave given the early pace and if he can hold this form then he shouldn’t be too far away from a win, and much the same applies to Le Pegase who is going quite well this term.

RACE 3: C3 - 1800M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This race rated well on the back of a solid first three sections. Dynamic Eagle was excellent in defeat, being dragged back at a critical stage and with better fortune he may have won. He makes the SID file. There were also clear excuses for Brave Legend who was ridden upside down and returned lame. This might be a race to trust, returning some good numbers.

RACE 4: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

Overall, this race didn’t rate anything special but the win was sound from Fearless Fire who did some work early. However, the debut of Tornado Twist was noteworthy and his final-200m (11.62) was clearly the best in this race. He is open to plenty of improvement and makes the SID file. 

RACE 5: C4 - 2200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This rated the second-best race of the night given some solid mid-sections and the winner Smart Baby was too good after being given a dream run. He appears to be thriving this season. You Have My Word was awkwardly placed at a key stage and ran well and Happy Rocky is another that ran to his best and isn’t far from a win. Riding Savannah Wind forward was not the right move, especially on this tempo and he had a clear excuse. 

RACE 6: C4 - 1200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

Overall, this race just rated fairly but I liked the run from Jolly Bountiful who conceded ground at the start, got too far out of his ground before reeling off the best closing sectionals at the meeting. He makes the SID file and from a better barrier will go close. Lakeshore Eagle was a nice debut rallying between runners and with a six-point penalty looks well place to win again. 

RACE 7: C3 - 1000M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

This race rated okay. In the end, it was a solid win to Telecom Brothers who settled on-pace and proved too strong. Amazing Chocolate would fly under a few radars and his final-600m (33.85) was excellent. I would like to see him again, but for a Hong Kong debut it was noteworthy. 

RACE 8: C3 - 1200M
Course: TURF "A"     Going: GOOD

A fast early pace helped lead to this race rating well. There is one that makes the SID file in the shape of Flash Famous. He is eligible for a drop in class following this run and a longer trip would give him an opportunity to post his second HK win. It appears Lor has entered him in races to get the drop, so the key will be where and what distance he is entered next. 

Sweet In Defeat "Black Bookers"

  • Dynamic Eagle

  • Tornado Twist

  • Jolly Bountiful

  • Flash Famous