Introducing The Triple Trio!

Jason Tan




What began as a Hutchi’s Honkers podcast on Hong Kong horse racing, has been given a fresh name and will be a regular fixture of the new Hong Kong season!

The popular show with Clint Hutchison (Hutchi), Jason Richardson (Richo) and Shane Dye (R.S. Dye) will return as The Triple Trio on Friday 9 September, with the team previewing the Hong Kong season opening race day on Sunday 11 September.

Hutchi, Richo and R.S. Dye will record the show every Friday up until the Hong Kong International race meeting (11 December), before having a short break and returning for the Group 1 and Four-Year-Old Series action in the New Year.

The Triple Trio will be available to view on recording day (Friday) from 5pm AEST on, YouTube, and will be distributed on Podcast platforms, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

Clint Hutchison (Hutchi’s Honkers Principal) said, “I was excited when the team came together at the end of last year to pilot a show on Hong Kong horse racing and it’s brilliant that it has been received in a way that can have us regularly producing it for Hong Kong horse racing fans.

“I’d like to thank Richo and Shane for being an integral part of the show so far and I couldn’t be happier that they will make up The Triple Trio with me this season!”

Dubbed ‘Hong Kong racing with the blinkers-off’, The Triple Trio team will continue to deliver in the manner that made the first two seasons so popular.

“Our purpose is to deliver unique discussion on Hong Kong horse racing that a broad spectrum of people can engage with and enjoy, from the first-time or casual follower of HK, to the veteran professional who studies the horse form in-depth, Hutchison continued.

“To have Richo, one of the best sports broadcasters in Australia hosting, and Shane, one of the sharpest readers of a horse race anywhere in the world onboard will help us fulfil our purpose, importantly though we will continue to invite the highest quality guests to join our discussion.”

The Triple Trio will showcase Hong Kong racing in its unique way, and this season will also explore and highlight the growth of The World Pool race meetings, hosted by the HKJC.

Get excited, The Triple Trio is here to stay!


Before Season 3 starts on Friday 9 September, you can watch previous episodes HERE.