Hong Kong season 2021-22 came to a conclusion at Sha Tin on Saturday 16th  July. Photo published under licence, Dreamstime by Nohead Lam.

Hutchi’s Honkers 2021/22 Season Review



Another Hong Kong season comes to end and there have been plenty of ups and downs, but once again, it proved to be a profitable one although not as strong as last season.

Hutchi’s Honkers subscribers, if playing according to the suggested strategy with the best corporate price available managed 148.1 units profit from 2179.5 units outlaid, with a POT of around 7%.

Of course, there are plenty of members that use the prices as a base from which to make their own plays and on HH Live, I was really pleased with a lot of the feedback from customers who had some cracking results through the season referencing my prices. A good example was Coopers Sparkling who nailed the last winner of the season at $199 whom I rated a $74 chance! That’s disciplined and great work, and shows the value of the HH service outside the main strategies I suggest.

HH didn’t keep an official record of the Quaddie statistics from my suggestions on HH Live, but if you were logged in throughout the season, you would’ve had some very profitable returns as well. I like to stay a little more fluid with the Quaddie approach, generally wanting to see a race or two to identify any patterns, and for those who like to play that bet type then I suggest you give HH Live a go next season.

On FWD Day a suggested $35 ticket netted $967.30 and on March 12th if you took a percentage of the $1,440 combo ticket you would have scored a part of a $7,029.40 quaddie. Other tidy wins included $42 ticket -> $192.70 and a $72 ticket -> $543.10.

My best bets had a horror last month (mainly due to bad weather and subsequent track conditions), not including the last meeting, but we still made 60 units profit from 412.75 outlaid or a +15% PoT. If you are going to use the service for one reason only, it might be the best bets is your go, as since the inception of the service we have consistently delivered a profit every season. From 87 best bets this season we had 34 winners (39%) and 63 in the top-three (72%) so with that strike rate and consistency we managed to notch up a good profit again.

Overall there was a nice array of good dividends through the season that keep us playing. I marked Nervous Witness $1.45 on debut as one of the shorter priced runners all season and his price was $1.65 best corporate, but we also played horses like Shadow Breaker (rated $14.31) and Land Power (rated $16) which paid $51 and $34 respectively. So the positive news, is that there is still an edge playing the early markets with the corporates, aside from playing the overs late.

One of the highlights of the season for me personally was recording the Hong Kong Horse Racing Vodcast with Shane Dye and Jason Richardson. I am pleased to say that all will be back on board again for next season and HH plans to have a more substantial presence in this broadcasting space. Hopefully the program has helped out newcomers to Hong Kong racing learn more about the product there, and for those well-acquainted, it also brought quality insight. So many of our guests were great and we plan on adding plenty to the roster!


Once again, thanks for being a part of Hutchi’s Honkers for the 2021/22 season and I hope you can be on board with JT and me for next season, which starts on Sunday 11th September.